Formed in 2007, Digital Age Learning is a young company, but one with distinct and valuable expertise in both exploring and realizing the educational and institutional potential of communications and information technology.

The principal consultants at the firm have combined, over sixty years experience in the field of educational and administrative computing, and have spent several years as independent consultants providing consulting services to educational, governmental, institutional and corporate clients.  Each has worked extensively with the schools and administration of the New York City Department of Education, other public and private schools and school districts, as well as with community-based organizations, locally and nationally.  On several occasions they have partnered with technology resellers to serve the business and educational needs of their corporate and institutional clients.  The talented staff at Digital Age Learning specializes in the practical integration of visual communications and other technologies with educational programs, administrative tasks and other business processes.  Their unique approach combines consulting services with customized hands-on training and piloting of effective methods for integrating rich media, videoconferencing, and other technologies in the classroom and workplace.  Whether in schools or offices, the Digital Age Learning team will guide your initiative from conception and design, through just-in-time professional development, and then work directly with end-users to fully implement and evaluate the successes of their integration of digital age technologies.

Digital Age Learning Inc. is a certified New York State Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)